2063 Academy: MENA Youth Green’Lab

 2063 Academy: MENA Youth Green’Lab

A core theme in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Agenda 2063 is the need for knowledge, co-creation,  and revitalized Global Partnerships to drive Sustainable Development in support of the implementation of the SDGs and the 2063 Agenda’ goals (Especially in the North African countries).

Addressing climate change requires actions to be focused and coordinated by governments, as well as sustained and informed actions by citizens, especially the youth.  It is therefore essential to strengthen formal and informal education on climate change, and young people must be supported by their local communities as the primary key agent of change. Therefore, there is an urgent need to ensure that models of development adhere to the policies of Human Rights & environmental protection, and to shift more attention to International Solidarity and empowerment of youth and entrepreneurs as key drivers of sustainable development. Hence, partnerships should be established between governments, intergovernmental, non-governmental and youth organizations to undertake joint initiatives to facilitate public access to information and raise awareness of the need to understand, address and respond to climate change.

The event, in partnership with KAS-REMENA and National Human Rights Council in Morocco, will engage a diverse group of stakeholders – youth leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers from MENA– to facilitate dialogue and knowledge exchange on the role that Civic Society and local Entrepreneurs play in promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and the role that global citizenship education in facilitating Global Youth Partnerships further towards climate resilience.

The event will be around the following component: 

  • Regional Youth Climate declaration ;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Skill-building Workshops; and
  • Cultural Exchange.

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