Another burnt child


  Houssine Dehbi is a 21 year old student at ENCG Fes who has just recently published his first book on Amazon. Entitled ‘Another burnt child’, it is a collection of poems, quotes and short stories divided into three chapters. The latter explores the sweetness, bitterness and sourness of relationships. The book is a celebration of what is like to be alive.


  His writing journey started when he discovered books 4 years ago. His love for books grew bigger as the days passed by. From a voracious reader to a zealous writer. The journey in between has organically built itself. He suddenly found himself  passionate about writing and portraying situations through fancy words and sumptuous expressions.

  Houssine believes that human beings are layered and complicated. He is eager to dive deeply into their complexities, dig up the mess that resides within, and release it into paper. The young writer is keen on knowing other people, discovering their thoughts and their philosophy of life. He always wonders what it’s like to be the other person.


  He was inspired mainly by the conversations he had exchanged with his parents, friends and classmates. He is an observer, he always observes his surroundings and brings whatever he could steal to the papers, translating them into words that glide gracefully on the surface of the sheets.


  The ambitious author also claimed that many writers had influenced his style of writing and his perception of life, the likes of Paulo Coelho, John Grisham, Elif Shafak , and Virginia Woolf.


  Through his book, he aspires to make people feel more and think less. He wrote this book to offer his readers a moment to escape the cycle of thoughts. To plunge into the horizon of feelings and unleash their hearts to the realm of love unrestrainedly.

Another burnt child is now available on Amazon. Happy reading!