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Designing Morocco 2030, for a better Africa 2063

Atlas For Development is a gathering of youth full of passion, motivation and eager to learn and share under the umbrella of the Agenda 2063.

خلي صوتك يكون مسموع

After the success of the first edition, the 2063 Academy in its 2nd edition, has served as a platform to connect the African youth with their Africa, through promoting, discussing, debating the Agenda 2063, and bringing solid recommendations and action ideas to achieve the Africa we want, by building the capacities of the African Youth We Want, under the OYE 2019/20 Action Plan

The edition has taken place virtually in November so to celebrate the African Youth Month, promote the role of youth in silencing the guns, and be part of the 1 Million by 2021 initiative.

Let’s shake things up!

Our projects

Our projects are designed to involve different parties and stakeholder and create a common ground where they can express freely their opinions on common matters and bring up solutions and recommendations.



A project aiming to create a common ground between youth and decision-makers to debate the strategies implemented by our government in order to achieve the SDGs and promote the Agenda 2063

Inter-generational dialogue

Intergenerational dialogue is considered as one of the most controversial topics in Morocco over the last few years. The current situation is marked with an imbalance between youth and elders in the decision-making.

Their SDG Story

eople’s story can be used as a tool to deliver and showcase not only their struggle and, fight, but also their perseverance to make their lives as well as others’ better.

Believing that each story has a hope, Atlas For Development Team through this project is aiming to highlight the SDGs with your story, because each story deserves to be told and shared.



Morocco2030 is a series of interviews with citizens (national and international), decision makers and different stakeholders, on their aspirations and vision for the Morocco 2030 we want

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