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Erasmus Global Partnerships

Atlas For Development co-organizes the Erasmus Global Partnerships MENA Forum 2020

Fostering Global Citizenship Education To Move Beyond The SDGs

It was held from February 29th to March 2nd under the theme “Strengthening Global Citizenship to move beyond the 2030 Agenda”. This forum was an initiative of Erasmus Global Partnerships (EGP), in collaboration with Atlas For Development.  As well as in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union (EU) in the Kingdom of Morocco, the Ministry of National Education, Professional Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Erasmus + Office (NEO)  Erasmus + Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA).

The participants in this came from the MENA region, Europe, sub-Saharan Africa as well as Asia. They were able to discuss the role of civil society, entrepreneurs and education in promoting inclusive economic growth. They also engaged in a dialogue and knowledge exchange about global citizenship.

While MENA is the world’s second youngest region with over 50% of people under the age of 30, the unemployment rate of young people is almost double the average youth unemployment rate worldwide, with women especially at a disadvantage.

The main parts of the Erasmus+ MENA Forum are:

  1. Introductory Webinar
  2. EGP YOUNG LEADERS FORUM – 2-day capacity building workshops & discussions by 60 youth leaders on how to strengthen the role of education and entrepreneurship to increase employment opportunities for young people in MENA. Young leaders will act as multipliers back in local communities.
  3. Policy Dialogue will bring together youth leaders and policy makers from MENA & EU to present recommendations and engage in a debate on how regional decision makers and international donors could most effectively help create opportunities for MENA youth.
  4. Post-project Webinar: digital mentorship provided for the trained youth leaders.


The forum gathered 60 young leaders and entrepreneurs from MENA and Europe to take part in capacity building trainings dealing with different thematics  from Global Citizenship Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Media and Information Literacy, to Aligning Education with the Needs of the Changing Job Market. This allowed the participants to discuss the issues in MENA region and Europe using the “problem tree” to identify their root cause. They also got to know more about the common needs of civic society, organisations and entrepreneurs from the MENA region and Europe. Additionally, they reflected on strategies that were implemented in order to brainstorm new ideas that would benefit all the parties involved.

During this event, workshops were given by experts from around the world. They aimed to establish interdisciplinary and cross-border partnerships for innovative projects.  In addition to developing recommendations addressing the policies linking the Agenda 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the African Union Agenda 2063.

  • Watch a recap of the first day here
  • Watch s recap of the second day here


The Policy Dialogue was hosted at the Policy Center for the New South, and engaged a diverse group of policy and decision makers from the MENA region, the European Union, African Union and Union for Mediterranean, hence it served as a platform to:

– Present Policy Recommendations and Innovation Lab projects developed during the EGP MENA Forum;

– Discuss the needs of Civic Society Organizations and Entrepreneurs from MENA and Europe and how governments and international donors could support them;

– Identify the opportunities to bridge UN 2030 and AU 2063 agendas in the fields of Youth, Entrepreneurship and Education.

The event was also an opportunity to showcase the diversity and cultures of each participants through wearing their traditional outfits.