Engineering VS Covid19 Morocco


“More than ever, governments must be transparent, responsive and accountable. Civic space and press freedom are critical. Civil society organizations and the private sector have essential roles to play. And in all we do, let’s never forget:  The threat is the virus, not people.” said António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations


  In an attempt to include youth and contribute to the fight against the pandemic, university students, doctors, entrepreneurs, technicians and engineers have collaborated to come up with innovative ideas. They have managed to create a network of more than 200 people and together showed an unprecedented step of solidarity. 


  The collective is based in multiple cities, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech, to name a few. The latter has manufactured countless face shields and breathing systems, which are not only 100% Moroccan, but also used by many medical professionals. And in doing so, they have used 3D printers, laser machines, fabric and plexiglass to assure their manufacture.


  When asked about their ambitions, Naïm Bentaleb, co-founder of the collective, told Atlantic Radio, “We have three ambitions. First, use the human resources, the material means as well as the raw materials available. Second, expand a network to make autonomous assemblies in the four corners of Morocco. And third, be able to introduce on an industrial scale what we have found.”


  On his side, Khalid Ezzemani, engineer and co-founder of the collective, asserted to MWN, “We receive calls from medical professionals and engineers on a daily basis who seek to join us. We want to have [the masks] distributed for free. Those are for free and we seek nothing out of the initiative, but to express our solidarity and help to mitigate the impacts [on] our citizens.”