Greenpreneurs in action: Local change for climate change

Local change for climate change” was born under the Greenpreneur Bootcamp that was organized by Atlas for development, in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer REMENA, Peace First and FOMEJE. This project was a series of workshops that sheds the light on the environmental issues in Ait Ourir city such as pollution due to the burning household waste, lack of water due to human practices, and most importantly lack of awareness about the impact of human activities that causes environmental issues. The workshop has sheds the light on the causes and effects of the environmental issue of Ait Ourir and involve the youth of the city to reflect on their practices in order to maintain environmentally friendly practices.


  • 86% of people in Ait Ourir suffer from environmental issues
  • 8% of trash is thrown in public places
  • 16% are unaware of the environmental issues in their surrounding


In order to find solutions to the environmental issues in Ait Ourir, The participants worked in groups to first understand what is an environmental issue and what are their causes and impacts.

Following the group work, M. Ajrinija from AFCD Foundation led a session on the design thinking workshop was necessary for the participants to reframes properly the understanding of the environmental issue, causes and challenges existing and finally identifies new strategies through deeper introspection in order to adopt new environmental practices to reduce the climate change impact. 


  • Spread awareness about the environmental issues
  • Let the participants be aware of the problems
  • Get them involved in the situation
  • Adopt environmental practices 

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