In an effort to be in the loop, especially in these unusual times, the vast majority keeps up with the daily news. This can get rather distressing, hence L’Blane’s positive content. It strives to motivate people on their journey of tussle with the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. Besides making refreshing and inspirational posts, they also write about a wide range of topics such as self management, personal branding, and personal growth.


  What’s more, they organize regularly live sessions on Instagram, inviting guests to talk about their domain of expertise. For instance, “Volunteering and civic engagement” with Hatim El Otmani- President of Atlas4Dev, “Humour” with Mehdi Fath, or “Pursuing passion” with Fehd Benchemsi. And most recently, they launched “L’Blane Academy” which is a 12 hours of learning non stop. It has admittedly known a huge success, with the participation of over 500 people, including 250 ones who attended all the workshops. 


  What makes L’Blane unique and compelling is its use of a simple language, mainly, Moroccan Darija. On the latter, Mr. Youssef Stelate, Founder of L’Blane, says “The internet is flooded with content in English, French and other languages, but not enough Moroccan Darija. The formality of the former might not be very compelling. That is why we use Darija in our content since it is easily understandable and consumed. Which is rather an interesting, and certainly fun, approach to teaching useful skills and making informative content. Especially on social media, where nearly all people scroll mindlessly. ”


  When asked about his ambitions, Mr. Youssef stated, “Young people should put trust in themselves and look for opportunities in which they can enhance their skills. Either relating to their domain of expertise, or to their interests, which would then impact positively the former. Youth in Morocco have a great potential so it is really up to them to optimize their time and productivity. In order to attain a better future, and by extension a better Morocco.”


  “To sum up, L’Blane is a platform with well-organized useful content dedicated to young Moroccans. It started long before the confinement and will not cease to help improve youth’s capacities after its end.” He added.