Learn from Home


  The story behind the launch of this initiative is rather simple. Once Morocco adopted its restrictive measures, Enactus FP Béni Mellal’s team was thinking beyond the imposed confinement. They were looking for alternatives to continue their activities and assure their usual dynamism. 


  And so, they decided to hold 24 information sessions on a wide variety of topics. “The other side of entrepreneurship” by Rachid Essanoussy, “Cyber Security” by Abdessamad Lotfi, “Leadership” by Mohamed Amine Zariat and Aabir Rhadrane, “Empowering Women” by Sarra Messili, “Soft Skills” by Ayoub Bayour, “Magic and Education” by Miloud El Farkh, and “Introduction to the SDGs” hosted by Hatim El Otmani- President of Atlas4Dev, to name a few. 


  Its purpose was to not only strengthen the capacities of young people, but also to spirit up in the midst of these stressful times. The online sessions were also highly enriching thanks to the participation of over 600 participants. The latter developed some of the skills that are now needed more than ever to overcome critical challenges, and, equally, had fun.


  Their sole aspiration is the spread of knowledge, especially that relating to entrepreneurship. Mainly, because it has proven itself to be quite essential in this pandemic era, and might become one of the most crucial pillars of employability. That is why, it’s time we invested in ourselves, for both our self development and the improvement of Morocco.


Learn from Home” is an opportunity that contributes to the enhancement of young people’s skills. And indeed, they have managed to impact a growing number of people who gained practical as well as theoretical knowledge. 


“The success of our initiative is threefold. It is thanks to the dedication and collaboration of our team members, the participants and, effectively, the trainers, despite their various backgrounds.” assured Abdessamad Lahmami, Asmaa Belkebir and  Hamza Ouhcine– founders of Learn from Home.


  The team’s ambitions didn’t end there though. With the newly launched concept “Swey3a entre les équipes”- “An hour with the teams” in English- they are now seeking to inspire youth by exchanging ideas and recalling past experiences with Enactus teams on a weekly basis.