The coronavirus disease is transmitted primarily from person to person, through small droplets expelled from the nose or mouth when a person speaks, coughs, or sneezes. Hence the importance of keeping our distance from others. These droplets are also relatively heavy, so they land on objects and surfaces around the person such as tables, doorknobs, and handrails. Needless to say, washing our hands with soap and water or cleaning them with alcohol-based hand rub regularly is now more important than ever.


  Unfortunately, a worrying number of people don’t abide by these safety measures. And the solution for that is the Touch Free device. TFree is an affordable, innovative, and smart automated hand sanitizer system designed by Mr. Stanley Anigbogu, a member of Atlas4Dev.  The device uses heat to identify once a person wants to go through an entrance, then activates a timer to execute the sanitization process. 


  With a storage tank whose capacity can hold up to one liter of hand rub, it ensures the sanitization of everyone before entering a building or a public space. TFree operates on a series of simple programs, that when ignored, are triggered into beeping to alert the person, which stops when they sanitize their hands. Only then, would the person be allowed to go through. 


  Mr. Stanley and his team did a test run at one of the local stores, and they received positive feedback. The store owner was ready to buy the prototype saying it’s amazing and makes him feel safe. TFree is a solution that will not only reduce the spread of the virus but also that of panic and fear. It can be kept in front of buildings, hospitals, airports, schools, and in the workplace. And such device can provide a sense of reassurance to people knowing that those around them are also sanitized. TFree is a much needed invention that will slow the spread of the virus and save lives.