Their SDG Story

Your story matters

People’s story can be used as a tool to deliver and showcase not only their struggle and, fight, but also their perseverance to make their lives as well as others’ better.

Believing that each story has a hope, Atlas For Development Team through this project is aiming to highlight the SDGs with your story, because each story deserves to be told and shared.

''Earth is my home''

Hassan, 60 years old, once a week he travels using his mule to the Sook (popular market) to sell what his land produces (Argan Oil, Honey, Milk…) to secure his family needs. Some days he earns some money and other days he doesn’t.  while discussing with M. Hassan is, even under the heat, stress, the high cost of living…. He kept his smile wide open,  full of optimism, and always looking up for better tomorrow.

''Future is female"

Khadija, is an extraordinary woman, she broke the stereotype that the car keepers was a man’s job, In Morocco, having watchmen to protect and watch over cars in each street is very common informal job. Although, this occupation has been associated with males for decades, few women started operating in this field. Khadija is one of them. She belongs to a group of rare females who decided to challenge the standards set for each gender by the Moroccan society. She has overcome the criticism by being a “watchwoman”, one of the few.

''Right to clean water''

This picture portrays the story of Fatima from a village near to Essaouira city, where she has to walk 20 KM by foot to fetch water from the well in order to secure the needs of water for her house, husband and 5 children. Unfortunately, many villages in marginalized areas in Morocco still don’t have access to clean water and sanitation.

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