Train Up

  The current coronavirus lockdown situation in Morocco sparked the ambitious initiative Train Up. The latter seeks to optimize the present situation through online training and instructive tools. It incites young people to feed their brain by acquiring new skills, improving themselves, and most importantly, making the most out of their precious time.

  They have managed to organise 12 online workshops to date with around 50 curious minds in each session. Their guests were also as diverse as the topics covered. “Project design” by Oumaima Mhijir, “Team management” by Asmae El Hajji, and “Achieving SDGs through social innovation” by Walid Machrouh, to name a few.

  A segment was also introduced entitled “Did You Know”, or “Wach fkhbarek” in Moroccan Darija. It intends to share and highlight compelling facts and data, often historical. Additionally, another segment called “25 min with an NGO” was recently initiated, with the sole purpose of discovering NGOs, their dedication to their goals and contribution to their communities.

  On the launch of the initiative, Mr. Ali Bendahbia, Co-founder of Train Up, told Atlas4Dev, “We all know that necessity is the mother of invention. Train Up stemmed from the fact that we are most often swamped by work, studies or other occupations. And so, at the end of the day, we find ourselves with little to no time to dedicate to our personal development, or that of our soft and hard skills. On the rare occasions when we do have plenty of time on our hands, transportation, expenses and various factors may hinder our willingness to attend physical workshops. Hence the availability of this initiative online, from the comfort of one’s home. It aims to gather young people from both Morocco and abroad. Those seeking to share their knowledge, and others seeking to receive it. Whether they are young professionals, university students, or learning facilitators, it all boils down to their desire to exchange.” 

  Mr. Ali Bendahbia also acknowledged the growing interest in the workshops. “Train Up is sustainable even after confinement due to its appeal. Not to mention the upcoming set of interesting trainers.”