Visit of the AU Youth Envoy

 Visit of the AU Youth Envoy

"AU Envoy for Youth Welcomes Moroccan Awareness-Raising Project on African Development Agenda ."

The meetings.

  On the 6th April 2019, the African Union Youth Envoy, Ms. Aya Chebbi, dropped by Morocco accompanied by Mr. Nair Abakor, an Advisory Board Member from Chad. Their visit was part of their mission to make the African Union closer to youth. While in Rabat, the AU Youth Envoy had several bilateral meetings with multiple institutions.

  Her first meeting was with the Swiss Embassy in Rabat, one of the main supporters of the 2063 Academy project. They addressed the involvement of the Swiss government in Africa’s development and its contributions to the empowerment of youth.


  The African Union Envoy for Youth, Aya Chebbi, hailed the Moroccan youth project “The 2063 Academy” launched by Atlas4Dev. She also expressed her utter support for this initiative which “stands out at the level of Africa”, alongside “Africa My Home” a project led by Karima Rhanem, President of the International Center for Diplomacy. The AU Youth Envoy not only praised the 2063 Academy project but also called to its expansion on a regional or continental level.

  The latter comprised of two themes;  a Moroccan one by the name of “Design Morocco 2030 for a better Africa 2063” and an African one entitled “Let’s Shake Things Up”. In addition to raising awareness about the African Development Agenda, this program aimed to include youth in the continent’s sustainable development models. 

  Mr. Hatim El Otmani, President of Atlas4Dev, as well as some of the project’s alumni shared their experience emphasizing the benefits and importance of the aforementioned initiative in building the capacities of African youth.

  The second meeting was with the staff from the regional hub of North Africa for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). The discussion highlighted Ms. Aya Chebbi’s action plan and UNECA’s involvement in their youth strategy, both calling to join efforts in helping link the North African region needs to be more linked to their African roots. At last, the North African regional hub of the UNECA Director, Mrs. Lilia Naas, encouraged the initiatives and expressed her appreciation the AU Youth Envoy for her visit.

  The third meeting included Mr. Ismael Alaoui Ismaili, the Ex-Secretary General of the Ministry in charge of Relations between the Parliament and Civil Society. He called for the ratification of the African Union Youth Charter in Morocco. Claiming that the ministry is doing its part in empowering Moroccan NGOs involving projects that interest youth.

The City of Flowers.

  A touristic tour was ultimately programmed for Ms. Aya Chebbi and Mr. Nair Abakor to pay a visit to the attractions. Needless to say, they both consistently voiced their admiration to Rabat’s imposing monuments and heritage landmarks. Along discovering the city’s Mohammed V Mausoleum and the Hassan Tower, they also learned some historical facts about the Kingdom of Morocco and were particularly fascinated by its architecture.

  As a token of his gratitude, Mr. Hatim El Otmani invited the delegation to his home for lunch. A guest of honor was also present; H.E Mrs. Assia Bensalah Alaoui, the Ambassador at large of H.M the King Mohammed VI. An opportunity to display the Moroccan food and hospitality, was further enriched by Mrs. Assia’s discourse about her experiences. Not to mention the valuable advice given by the ambassador to the delegation. Advice that can contribute in achieving the Africa everyone would like to witness.

  This day in Rabat sparked at last an open discussion between the AU Youth Envoy and Moroccan youth activists. The latter were very vocal about their concerns,

nonetheless ambitious and willing to collaborate for a better Morocco and Africa.