Womenpreneur tour

 Womenpreneur tour

Womenpreneur Tour

Mapping the female talents who are
disrupting the Arab ecosystem

Atlas For Development was happy to partner with Womenpreneur Arab Tour during their event in Morocco. Womenpreneur is a not-for-profit organization based in Brussels, its aim is to drive visibility, social impact and resources for women in the ecosystem. Womenpreneur offers programs on women empowerment, entrepreneurship and business development and provides various platforms to reconstruct better foundational beliefs and ideas on gender issues. It was named among 10 most inspiring initiatives by the World Bank. We advise United nations and European Union, corporate and other international institutions on women’s empowerment, inclusion, diversity and gender policy.

Womenpreneur organized a tour in 3 main Arab countries : Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan, to visit leading women entrepreneurs, meetings with top technology experts and innovators, learn insights from the disruptive actors in the ecosystem and learn about the challenges are facing.

Identifying the reasons behind women’s lack of access to funding, opportunities in the market and the barriers that women encounter, is a precondition future growth of the existing ecosystem. This tour was useful to understand what is needed and missing to foster female entrepreneurship, analysing the challenges that can be addressed through specific interventions.

“You cannot be what you cannot see” -Marian W.Edelman,

Womenpreneur tour, a joint initiative of SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy and Womenpreneur Organization, was created to map and visit the female talents in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to assess the current state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the MENA region in order to facilitate investment in women and girls, in form of capital, resources, mentorship and advocacy.

During the tour, the organizers visited the disruptive actors in the Arab ecosystem, meet with female technology experts and digital innovators, both to learn from their experiences and challenges, and share their stories.

The project has enable to deepen the understanding and identification of the reasons behind women’s lack of access to funding and opportunities in the market and the barriers that they encounter, is a precondition for the future growth of the ecosystem.

Womenpreneur Experience in Morocco

Womenpreneur Experience in Tunisia

Womenpreneur Experience in Jordan

Mastermind behind the initiative

Sana Afouaiz