The world is presently facing a global health crisis. COVID-19 has imposed travel restrictions, lockdowns, closure of borders, and, evidently, social distancing. That is, in the hopes of containing the pandemic that’s upending people’s lives and spreading human suffering. 

  Morocco, on its part, has adopted a severe set of measures since the declaration of the state of a health emergency on the 20th of March. Aiming to flatten the curve, or, in other words, curb the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus disease. 

    Despite them being some of the most affected by the pandemic’s socio-economic impact, young people have only been showing more leadership and dedication to their respective communities and fellow citizens. And despite the suspension of all activities as well as the closure of all educational institutions and mosques until further notice, young people have been in the frontlines of the initiatives taken. Initiatives that seek to suppress the transmission of the virus, tackle some of the social and economic aspects of the crisis, and assist the most vulnerable groups.

  Atlas for Development gathered some of the most innovative ways the Moroccan youth are leading the fight against the pandemic: